• S.J. Restivo

Seraphina's Lament - Sarah Chorn

About the Book

The world is dying.

The Sunset Lands are broken, torn apart by a war of ideology paid for with the lives of the peasants. Drought holds the east as famine ravages the farmlands. In the west, borders slam shut in the face of waves of refugees, dooming all of those trying to flee to slow starvation, or a future in forced labor camps. There is no salvation.

In the city of Lord’s Reach, Seraphina, a slave with unique talents, sets in motion a series of events that will change everything. In a fight for the soul of the nation, everyone is a player. But something ominous is calling people to Lord’s Reach and the very nature of magic itself is changing. Paths will converge, the battle for the Sunset Lands has shifted, and now humanity itself is at stake.

First, you must break before you can become.

Published on: February 19, 2019

Author: Sarah Chorn


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How do you describe the gnawing feeling that the world is a dark and horrifying place that you desperately want to know more of? Like a hand grasping about your ankle and pulling you down into another dimension, Seraphina’s Lament grabbed me and didn’t let me go.

The potent use of imagery and elegant words placed one after another, Chorn knows how to get under the skin of her readers and make them feel the wash of emotions from every single one of her captivating characters.

Seraphina’s Lament is written in third person and is broken out by sections per character. Due to the nature of jumping from perspective to perspective I was initially worried that the feeling of a unique character through each point of view would fall flat. Boy was I happy to be wrong. Each character was just as interesting as the last. From the seemingly inconsequential farmer Taub to Seraphina herself. Every character drew you into a different corner of the world and psyche.

I was enthralled by the themes along with the subtle tones that lingered behind each character. One of the things I enjoyed most about the book was the fact that Chorn was able to keep the heart of the individual character story without losing it to the larger arc.

That is not to discredit the incredible overarching world she created and the story within of course. Though it did end up being secondary to what kept me going through the book. Instead it was the actual characters and their personification that kept me mesmerized with every page. I wanted to understand them, know them personally, and see just how far they would go with their own designs.

The writing itself was akin to poetry and a mixture of personality fueled dialogue that married the unique style that Chorn displayed. Seeing as my personal preference is to linger on the side of poetic, this spoke to me and allowed the immersion of my imagination to take flight into the vast creation that is Seraphina’s Lament.

From beginning to end, this book was a page turner. With each outlined plan or derived thought begging the question just which plan would fail or take flight, the questions keep you coming back for more. The pace was near perfect with its ability to keep my attention on both minor and major plot points as we journeyed from one character to the next.

Overall this was a fantastic read that I know I will find myself reading again. If you love the twists and turns of well thought out characters, a dark fantasy setting and the beautiful tale of the end of the world, Seraphina’s Lament is the book for you.

5/5 Stars

S.J. Restivo