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Book Review Rules
  • We review Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Horror/Mystery, Romance/Drama, and Speculative/General Fiction. On occasion, we will review other genres or mediums (audio dramas or graphic novels) upon special request.

  • Unless indicated otherwise on the individual book review, all books are purchased by us for review.

  • Any official Book Review Queries must be sent through email to with an approximate due by date included.

  • Our reviews are honest. We are not interested in kickbacks or any other incentive. We offer constructive and straight forward feedback along with our opinion in every review.

  • Reviews may contain one or both sisters feedback. At times both of us read a book and write a review. You will find these reviews linked together or posted simultaneously. They may differ in content or opinion.

  • Any suggestions or requests to review a specific book is given to whichever sister has the most interest or expertise in the genre.

  • All reviews are our property. Mentions or copied quotes are welcome with permission.


  • You will find our reviews posted to Goodreads, Facebook & Twitter. We will include the review on Amazon upon request.